miercuri, 16 noiembrie 2011

One day you'll find a girl.

One day you'll find a girl.

She'll love you,she'll do anything for you,and she will care for you.A lot.
The only thing sge won't be,is me.She won't love you the way I do,and she won't put up with as much bullshit as I did.When you talk to other girls,she'll be asking you take it easy,and probably just ask you to only talk to her.
Remember,I'd even let you go to the movies with other girl.Sure,I got jealous sometimes.A lot,actually.But i didn't ask you to stop talking to other girls,and I didn't fight with you because you sent a heart to some girl on facebook or some shit.
Because I loved you (I still do),and I accepted you having "girlfriends",even though you didn't accept me having guyfriends.
For me,your friends-no matter sex-would be your friends,nothing more.And I trusted you enough to believe you only cared for me and only loved me.I know I was wrong,obviously you left me for one of your girlfriends,but just remember;the day will come when she's jealous and acting bitchy,and if you break up,but don't you even think about coming back to me.

                    I'll be happy somewhere with someone else.He'll love me more than you ever did.

                                                                So long,sucker.

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